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"All students will be able to use technology to access information efficiently and effectively, use information accurately and creatively, and evaluate information critically and competently."

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The use of technology throughout society has increased exponentially From cell phones that double as credit cards, to watches that monitor our sleep, our world is technology. Education is no exception. Until recently the computer was a device to access information and produce information digitally. However, in today’s educational environment, devices have become an important tool not only to deliver content, but to assess understanding, formulate lessons, manage classrooms, enhance learning, remediate achievement, individualize instruction, create collaboration spaces for staff and students and the list goes on and on. Never before have we had the tools to instruct, assess and remediate in real time while increasing the engagement of our students. Goshen County School District instructors and staff are testing and adopting new technology at an ever increasing rate.

Connectivity continues to be one of the most important pieces of the technology puzzle. As a larger percentage of the content GCSD1 uses for instruction, remediation, enhancement is contained in the “Cloud”, the ability to access it in a timely fashion, becomes critical. Also many operational applications such as HVAC management, Business Accounting, HR, Security, Access control, etc., are online. An adequate and reliable connection is no longer a desire, it is a necessity.

In Goshen County, we have moved from 9 Mbps 10 years ago to over 500Mbps today. Although we have increased our bandwidth nearly 50 times, we are beginning to push the edges of our current allotment. With video streaming becoming more mainstream, I expect that number to grow exponentially. Internally, we have changed to a more robust, wireless solution that allows us to connect more devices, with more control than ever before. However, we must continually upgrade our infrastructure to satisfy the demand of a “Cloud” connected culture.

The GCSD1 Technology Department strives to manage technology change in an intentional and systematic fashion. We have moved to Office 365 and are able to leverage their features for instruction, communication and collaboration. We have also introduced Canvas as the district Learning Management System.

The number of devices available for student use (1806) has surpassed the total number of students (1670), requiring us to evaluate how we deploy our devices and if 1:1 computing is a solution whose time has come. With technology integration there is greater responsibility to be good digital citizens. Digital Citizenship is an important piece of integrating technology into a school environment and it will be a major component of our technology plan.

Finally, with new technology and opportunity, there is an increased need for staff development. Today’s technology provides a variety of platforms for the delivery of content to help us use the tools we have available to us. We can share information from Smart boards to Cell phones. Our teachers and students can work together on projects from many different locations. The classroom is no longer contained by four walls but has been opened to include anyplace you can receive a cell or wireless signal. We work to provide our staff with the training they need to capitalize on the new technology.


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