New Student Registration

Please contact your school with any questions.

The following information is only for the parents/guardians of new students enrolling in a Goshen County School District # 1 school for the first time!

Register a New Student

To register a new student and create a PowerSchool Parent account, you will need to visit your school to get your student enrolled in PowerSchool and set up your PowerSchool Parent account. 

Once you have a PowerSchool Parent account, you will finish registration by following the instructions for Returning Student Registration.

Registration Information and Enrollment Requirements.
Please provide the following information when registering your student(s) in Goshen County School District # 1. If you have any questions please contact your prospective school(s).

Provide proof of the student's identity and date of birth upon enrollment in Goshen County School District # 1.
Official proof of Full Legal Name documents include:

  • United States Birth Certificate (certified copy from state or local vital statistics office)
  • Identification card issued by the governing body of a United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Recognized Tribe in the United States of America.
  • USCIS American Indian Card
  • Birth Certificate or passport issued from a US Territory:
    • Puerto Rico
    • Guam
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
    • Northern Mariana Islands
    • American Samoa
    • Swain's Island
    • District of Columbia
  • US Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization of Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued adoption decree

Legal Guardianship Identification
According to District Policy, Court Documents assigning legal guardianship shall be filed in the Office of the Principal for students not living with a parent. Evidence of legal guardianship shall be furnished upon initial application for admission.

District Policy: Code: 5110.1

Immunization Records
According to Wyoming School Immunization Law - W.S. 21-4-309 every child in the school district, including children entering school for the first time, must have a record verifying required immunizations. Students not meeting this regulation will be enrolled only under the condition that appropriate immunization will be received within thirty (30) days.

Kindergarten Age Eligibility
According to state law, only students who turn 5 years old on or before August 1 of the current year are eligible to enroll in kindergarten. For example, in order for your student to begin kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year, the child must be 5-years-old by August 1, 2023.

Wyoming Statues-Right To Attend School.

Annual Forms

Athletic Forms

Remember sport physical examinations must be completed before the start of school. Other information will be provided at parent meetings with coaches. Please contact your school for more information.